CyberStart's Intern base has replaced CyberStart Go

Looking to solve some free cyber security puzzles and trial CyberStart? Find similar challenges to CyberStart Go
in the Intern base.

Try for free 12 free challenges to play right now.
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Router and cat

12 free & unlocked
hacking challenges

Put your puzzle-solving skills to the test and get a feel for what life is like as a cyber agent investigating digital crimes. Crack secret codes, spot security flaws and catch cyber criminals before they achieve their devious plans.

No commitments & no
upfront payments

Intern base gives you the chance to try out CyberStart's challenges for free! Sign up for your free account in just one minute to discover what to expect from playing CyberStart. You won't be asked for any sneaky payment details either!

Puzzles ranging from
easy to hard

There are three whole levels to explore in Intern base, each with their own difficulty. Don't worry if you can't complete all the challenges in Intern base just yet. By purchasing a full CyberStart licence, you'll gain access to over 200 hacking challenges where you'll learn the practical cyber security skills needed to solve the most advanced puzzles.

Free bonus features

Along with Intern base, your free account also gives you access to Groups. Track yours and other player's challenge progress, race for points up the leaderboard, and find out who can help you when you're stuck. Plus, you'll get limited access to helpful guides and tutorials in the Field Manual.

Play now for free

Whether you want to earn the most points among your friends, build your knowledge of fascinating cyber security topics
or just solve exciting cyber crimes, CyberStart has it all!